Physical Education


Follow the directions below for the activity on Rate of Perceived Exertion.  Do this activity for your post Health Station Experience.  Remember, your purpose for learning Rate of Perceived Exertion is to understand your intensity and effort in your physical activity equals your rate of exertion.  Was the physical activity Light, Easy, Moderate, Vigorous, or Hard on your body?  Ideally, moderate to vigorous intensity is where you want to be.  Not to easy and not too hard.


  1. Make a list of physical activities you enjoy.  It can be anything from a soccer game to walking with your family at the park, or hiking on a trail.
  2. Pick one of the activities from your list and plan to do it.  After doing the physical activity recite The Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. How is your body reacting to the physical activity?  Compare its reaction to the chart above.
  4. Where are you on the Rate of Perceived Exertion chart?
  5. Try the activity again.  Pick up the pace, or slow it down to be at Moderate to Vigorous.

Use the clues below to help pin point your perceived exertion after saying The Pledge of Allegiance.

  • If reciting it was not a problem- light
  • If it was uncomfortable to recite- moderate
  • If it was difficult to recite- vigorous
  • If it was too hard to recite and had to stop- hard

Please click on this link to take you to Flipgrid.  Record yourself telling me about the activity you did and what exertion level you reached from the chart.


Challenge Activity:

Watch the video below about the explanation of Perceived Exertion.  How does the Rate of Perceived Exertion chart above compare to the scale in the video?