Design Evo


You are a Graphic Designer that makes logos.  In marketing, it is important a team is represented by its name and logo.  Chargers use a bolt, and Padres use a friar.  


As a graphic designer, you need to make a logo with a name, icon, and slogan for a brand new sports team in San Diego     

TASK- The “Creators 

Complete the following steps to take on the role of a Graphic Designer.  Go to DESIGN EVO   

1. Decide the following for your team: 

  • Sport  
  • Team Name and colors 
  • Mascot 

2. Click on Design Evo link above

3. Click “Start from Scratch” in top right corner of website 

4. Go through the design options (Icon, Text, Shape, Background

 5. Be creative 


HINT: Connect the slogan with something about the mascot.     



In your notebook, reflect upon what you enjoy or do not enjoy about the freedom and flexibility to be creative. 



Don’t save or download the logo.  X out the tab, then click Leave



VIDEO: Graphic Designer