You Are What You Eat



You are a Nutritionist and know that for an elite athlete a proper diet is critical.  Elite athletes eat good foods to fuel their bodies and recover.   


The US Soccer team is looking to hire a Nutritionist to travel with the team.  Your job is to make a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner using the 5 food groups.  For each meal use one food from each food group.    

TASK- The “Organizers” 

Complete the following steps to take on the role of a Nutritionist 

  1. Recognize the different food groups in the containers. Use the My Food Groups chart if you need help.
  2. Use a basket to collect one food from each food group then record it in the menu on p. 7 and 8 in your notebook (Dairy, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Protein).
  3. Add the total # of servings for each food you recorded.
  4. Complete both Reflection questions at the bottom of the page.


Food groups do not have to be a part of every meal in order to meet servings for the day.


In your journal, reflect upon what you enjoy or do not enjoy about creating and following a set plan? 



VIDEO: Nutritionist/Dietitian