You Are What You Eat



For an elite athlete, a proper diet is critical.  Athletes must eat to fuel their bodies for optimal performance.  Equally as important, nutritious food is necessary to recuperate quickly. 


The US Soccer team is looking to hire a Nutritionist to travel with the team.  As a Nutritionist, you would like to take care of all nutritional needs for the team.  They have asked you to put together a meal plan for a day in order to see if you are qualified for the job.   

TASK- The “Organizers” 

Complete the following steps to take on the role of a Nutritionist 

  1. Watch this video on preparing nutritious food to serve for a meal. 
  2. Click HERE to play a game where you choose the right foods and the right amount to fill your plate.      


Keep an eye on your portions


In your journal, reflect upon what you enjoy or do not enjoy about creating and following a set plan? 



VIDEO: Nutritionist/Dietitian