Throwing Mechanics


You are a Sport Technologists that uses different types of technology, like video, to help improve athletic performance. Video can be used to look at various mechanics, implement corrective practice, and fix mechanical issues to increase performance.  A Sport Technologist will also meet with athletes and coaches to share what they feel would be important to them.


You work for the San Diego Padres.  Your task is to take video and make sure the newly drafted pitchers are using proper throwing mechanics.  You will use the camera app to record and help analyze their throwing mechanics.

TASK- The “Thinkers”

Complete the following steps to take on the role of a Sport Technologist.

  1. Find a partner to record
  2. Wait for the teacher to go outside to throw a ball at the target from the marked space.
  3. Set up the camera to record your partner.
  4. Use the throwing cues check list document to compare with the video.
  5. Talk about improvements you can do.

HINT: Pause the video to scroll in slow motion.


In your notebook, reflect on what you enjoy or do not enjoy about gathering and analyzing information to solve complex problems.


Below is the sequence of cues to follow for the overhand throw.  Click HERE to download throwing cues checklist document.



VIDEO: Sport Technologist