Talented people are all around us. If a talented individual stands out from others, a Talent Agent may represent them to help pursue their talent as a career. Most artists, performers, and athletes have Agents.   


You are an Agent with the company Elite Athlete Media Group that needs to make a decision on which of two athletes to represent.  You want the best athlete, so it’s important you have reasons for your choice and evidence to support your reasoning.   

TASK- The “Persuaders 

Complete the following steps to take on the role of an AgentLearn how they are used to evaluate players. 

  1. Mention argument about Who is the GOAT, Lebron or Jordan.  Look at Lynn Williams First.  Then Amy Rodriguez. 
  2. Study the statistics.   
  3. Use the different statistical categories and accomplishments to discuss why your company may want to represent one athlete over the other. 
  4. After listening to the discussion and arguments, the company’s owner (your teacher) will decide about which athlete is the best for the company to represent.   

HINTYou are working together to decide on which athlete (Lynn or Amy) is best for the company, so don’t be afraid to discuss the benefits AND drawbacks of each of the athletes.  


In your journal, reflect upon what you enjoy or do not enjoy about a persuading activity. 






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