You are a Sports Agent that represents talented people. A talent Agent may represent them to help pursue their talent as a career. Most artists, performers, and athletes have Agents.   


You are an Agent with the company Elite Athlete Media Group. Your group needs to make a decision on which one of the two soccer players to represent.  You want the best athlete, so it’s important you have evidence from the statistics to support your argument.   

TASK- The “Persuaders 

Complete the following steps to take on the role of a Sports Agent 

  1. Take a statistic sheet for Lynn Williams or Amy Rodriguez and divide into 2 groups, A and B. 
  2. Study the statistics to be able to persuade who is the best player between group A and group B.   
  3. After listening to the discussion and arguments, the company’s owner (your teacher) will approve which athlete the company will bring in to represent.   

HINTYou are working as two groups to decide on which athlete (Lynn or Amy) is best for the company. Come up with arguments for each and in the end make a decision as a group.   

(_______ is better because her “shots on goal” is ______ which is better than_________.)


In your journal, reflect upon what you enjoy or do not enjoy about a persuading activity. 






VIDEO: Agent